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When Halden Marine Service first started it was with the intentions that service and customer satisfaction were going to be the top priority. We understand that customer confidence is paramount to any business. We are distributors for Spectra watermakers, AMI watermakers. Though we do specialize in the best watermakers on the market, we also carry Superwind 350 wind generators, considered the best made generator available to the Marine industry. We are not interested in carrying every other Marine product available. We believe that doing so dilutes our ability to focus on providing the best service for the products we will carry. With that in mind, we also believe that carrying the best engineered products and parts available is also important to you, our customer. We provide sales, installations, and the important after sales service. Having factory backed support is also essential in our commitment to assure that our customers get what they want and deserve. Our carefully selected network of dealers and techs cover the Florida and Bahamas area and are here to assure you that your needs are met in a timely and professional manner.

With a strong factory backing and a growing list of qualified dealers and technicians within our distributorship, you can be assured of quick and reliable service. Many times we can solve your problem quickly over the phone or by E-mail.

If your system requires a visit to your boat we will set up a convenient time and date to meet you there. We never require that you remove your system and bring it to us. Our main phone line to Halden Marine Service 954-515-7077 is monitored 24 hours a day seven days a week all year long. We understand that many of our customers cruise off to all parts of the world and different time zones which may mean late night calls to Halden Marine Service. We encourage you to take advantage of this service.

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We are Your Florida SPECTRA & AMI Watermaker Distributor!

Florida and the Bahamas full service watermaker, solar panel and wind generator provider.
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Spectra watermaker distributorSpecializing in Spectra and AMI watermakers Halden Marine Service has the training, skills, and ability to quickly diagnose your watermakers issues to affect any service or repairs needed to get your watermaker back up and running. We have been working on watermakers for years and know the special needs each individual boat and owner may have as related to their watermaker.

We only carry the Superwind 350 brand of wind generators for a simple reason; we are committed to only carrying the highest quality of equipment. The Superwind 350 is simply the best wind generator made. The quality of engineering that goes into the Superwind 350 far exceeds other wind generators on the market for marine use. One glance at a Superwind 350 is enough to see the differences in quality, parts and structure. Available in 12 Volt, 24 Volt, and 48 Volt, when you demand systems on your boat to be the best quality, Superwind 350 is the clear choice. We provide sales and service to out customers along with installations. Kits include generator, charge controller, dump load resistor bank and a stop switch. Pole kits are sold separately.

In the keeping with our belief that carrying only top quality products at Halden Marine Service, we also carry the SunWare line of solar panels. When designing a new or existing charging system for your boat, we are there to help you through your particular needs. Along with factory support you will be assured that your new system will work at its most optimal capacity. SunWare solar modules are designed and tested specifically for use in marine and salt. SunWare solar modules can be fitted without rear ventilation. Thus, any voltage drop due to high outside temperatures is compensated by the additionally integrated cells to enable a full recharge of the battery. The back of the module is completely flat so that it can be screwed or glued flush to the deck.