Our dealers, vendors and technicians, all have extensive marine knowledge and experience with installations.

The average installation time usually is about three days. This is dependent on where the watermaker will be installed and the degree of difficulty that each boats planned area of installation presents.

  • We do not discourage owner installation and we will still offer advice and phone help if you choose to self install.
  • We would strongly recommend that if you do self install that you hire us for the initial commissioning of your system.

Initial commissioning usually takes about two hours and includes the initial start up and performance checks of your watermaker. We always spend all the time it takes to go over your system with you so you have a good understanding of operation, service, and maintenance of your new system. If you have us install your system this initial commissioning service is included in our install pricing. But what we feel is one of our most important services to you does not end there. We want you to know that no matter where your cruising takes you, we are always available either by phone or E-mail. We strongly encourage you to call us anytime you have any questions or need any advice about your watermaker.

No matter how trivial you may think an issue is, rest assured we will always be there to answer any question you may have. We check our E-mails everyday and the phone at Halden Marine Service is always on and monitored 24 hours a day all year long.

NOTE: When you purchase a watermaker from us the unit will come complete with the parts needed (hoses, clamps, fittings, valves, electrical feed etc.) to install your system.

NOTE: We do not provide the intake or brine discharge thru hull fittings. We can help arrange to have this done if there is currently not an acceptable thru hull for the watermaker.

NOTE: If you have us perform the initial commissioning of your system, your warranty will begin at the commissioning date.

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