“I am the owner of a Spectra Watermaker which was installed by Halden Marine Service. Since the installation, J.T. has always been available to answer questions and troubleshoots any issues. I have owned sailboats for over 30 years and the service from Halden Marine Service is second to none.”

Scott D.

s/v Simpatico, Leopard 39

Scott D.

In 2010 we bought from Halden Marine a Spectra Ventura 200 Tropical MPC water maker and decided to install it ourselves, J.T. was only a phone call away. We did split the system up to enable it to fit under our seating area. On completion J.T. came to inspect and was amazed how we had been able to fit the parts in, after a few tweaks we were having fresh water! Mostly we cruise the outer remote islands of The Bahamas, what a joy to have no water worries, fresh drinking water and that occasional shower! We highly recommend Halden Marine, J.T. always insists he is only a phone call or email away if we ever need any help and he actually, is although we have had no problems since day one!
Michael and Jennifer W.
S/V Counts Quarters

Micheal and Jennifer W.

Kudos to JT at Halden Marine Service!

We do not know of anyone who can beat JT in service. The Spectra watermaker is great and his service is first class! He always answers his emails and phone. I’m sure some of my questions makes him shake his head but there has never been a time when we weren’t 100% satisfied!! Go Halden Marine Service!

I also want to give a special thanks to J.T. Halden at Halden Marine Services (954) 515-7077, who is a Spectra rep in Florida. He answered a question I posted on the cruisers forum website, and while being on the opposite side of the country, has spent a good amount of time answering questions and just being really helpful getting this installed. He even offered to take a look at the unit in florida before I bought it! So if you happen to be in that neck of the woods, I cannot recommend him highly enough! s/v Piko

International Customer

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