Spectra Watermakers

Worlds most energy efficient watermakers.

When daily amp usage is high on the list of things to watch on your boat then Spectra Watermakers are on the top of the list of watermakers you should be considering. Being the innovators in boat based energy efficient watermakers, Spectra is years ahead of the competition in design and reliability.

On board energy is both limited and expensive so the size of a watermaker is not as important as is how much water can be made with a given amount of energy. The recharging of your energy system is often, if not conveniently, overlooked. Your charging systems must be considered along with the watermaker chosen so you reach an energy balance that works for you and your boats needs and capabilities.

AMI Watermakers

Celebrating 30 years of proven success.

Not often does there come along a marine based watermaker that already has an established and proven 30 year world wide track record behind it. AMI or Applied Membranes Inc. has been designing, engineering and building Reverse Osmosis systems to fit any customers needs whether it be private land based, commercial or industrial systems providing fresh water into the tens of thousands of gallons a day.

Now with AMIs Maritime Series of Watermakers we bring the experience and technology to the Marine based market. With either framed or modular units capable of producing from 150 to 1600 gallons of fresh water per day, no boat is too small or too large that we cannot fit the needs, space and desires of any of today’s modern cruising boats.

Unlike most watermaker companies that build their systems around some other company’s membrane, AMI makes their own non-proprietary size membranes for their systems combining the exact balance needed to operate a RO membrane to its fullest capacity and performance.

Our Other Services


Our dealers, vendors and technicians, all have extensive marine knowledge and experience with installations. Understanding the unique individual requirements for space and storage you may have, we will have a prior thorough consultation with you discussing the possible options for installation that will work best for you. We provide everything that is needed for the complete installation of your watermaker except the intake thru hull and the brine discharge thru hull.


We also highly encourage those who are in the process of buying a used boat to call us for a pre-survey of an existing watermaker before your final offer. Though a well maintained water maker will last a long time, one that has been neglected can lead to enough added repair costs that could affect your negotiated buying price for a boat.

Parts & Service

We carry a large inventory of parts for your watermaker. We also provide full service directly to your boat for any parts and repairs needed. Many times we can simply diagnose the problem over the phone avoiding a service call. We can also arrange through our distributor/dealership network for parts to be shipped to your nearest location no matter where you cruise to anywhere in the world.


We offer a complete line of Spectra and AMI water makers. Whether they are boat or land based systems. No application is too small or too large. We do not just pull parts off a shelf, box them, and then ship them out. Our systems are first supplied with new membranes and then the watermaker is completely tested at the factory before they are shipped to ensure the system is properly performing to all required specifications. The complete test reports are shipped along with your new watermaker.

Our Motto

Our motto is simple
1) Call us “Before”
2) Call us “During”
3) Call us “After”

“Service” is a word often quoted but not often backed up. We have built our business one customer at a time and will continue to do so.

“Call us “Before” you decide on a watermaker and we will gladly take all the time needed to help you understand the system first and to make sure it is the right watermaker fit for you.

“Call us “During” the installation process” We will gladly answer any questions you have about the installation of your system.

“Call us “After” your system is installed. Our phone is always on and monitored 24 hours a day all year long.


Service is a word that is often quoted but not often backed up. We have built our business one customer at a time and will continue to do so. We understand that deciding on and installing a boat based system can be a time consuming process and can often take months before an actual purchase and installation is complete. So…

  • Call us “Before” you purchase a system and we will gladly take all the time you need to help you understand the system first and to make sure it is the right fit for you. No pressure and no obligation.
  • Call us “During” the installation process. We will gladly answer and explain any questions you have about the installation of your system.
  • Call us “After” your system is installed and you are out cruising the world. Our phone is always on and monitored 24 hours a day all year long.



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Testimonials & clients

  • “I am the owner of a Spectra Watermaker which was installed by Halden Marine Service. Since the installation, J.T. has always been available to answer questions and troubleshoots any issues. I have owned sailboats for over 30 years and the service from Halden Marine Service is second to none.”

    Scott D.

    s/v Simpatico, Leopard 39

    Scott D.
  • In 2010 we bought from Halden Marine a Spectra Ventura 200 Tropical MPC water maker and decided to install it ourselves, J.T. was only a phone call away. We did split the system up to enable it to fit under our seating area. On completion J.T. came to inspect and was amazed how we had been able to fit the parts in, after a few tweaks we were having fresh water! Mostly we cruise the outer remote islands of The Bahamas, what a joy to have no water worries, fresh drinking water and that occasional shower! We highly recommend Halden Marine, J.T. always insists he is only a phone call or email away if we ever need any help and he actually, is although we have had no problems since day one!
    Michael and Jennifer W.
    S/V Counts Quarters

    Micheal and Jennifer W.
  • Kudos to JT at Halden Marine Service!

    We do not know of anyone who can beat JT in service. The Spectra watermaker is great and his service is first class! He always answers his emails and phone. I’m sure some of my questions makes him shake his head but there has never been a time when we weren’t 100% satisfied!! Go Halden Marine Service!

  • I also want to give a special thanks to J.T. Halden at Halden Marine Services (954) 515-7077, who is a Spectra rep in Florida. He answered a question I posted on the cruisers forum website, and while being on the opposite side of the country, has spent a good amount of time answering questions and just being really helpful getting this installed. He even offered to take a look at the unit in florida before I bought it! So if you happen to be in that neck of the woods, I cannot recommend him highly enough! s/v Piko

    International Customer