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When Halden Marine Service first started it was with the intentions that service and customer satisfaction were going to be the top priority. We understand that customer confidence is paramount to any business. We are distributors for Spectra watermakers and dealers for Rainman water makers. We also carry Superwind350 wind generators, known the best made generator available to the Marine industry. We are not interested in carrying every other Marine product available. We believe that doing so dilutes our ability to focus on providing the best service for the products we will carry. With that in mind, we also believe that carrying the best engineered products and parts available is also important to you, our customer. We provide sales, installations, and the important after sales service. Having factory backed support is also essential in our commitment to assure that our customers get what they want and deserve. Factory support from Spectra, Rainman and Super Wind350, is a simple phone call away. Our carefully selected network of dealers and techs are here to assure you that your needs are met in a timely and professional manner.

With a strong factory backing and a growing list of qualified dealers and technicians within our distributorship, you can be assured of quick and reliable service. Many times we can solve your problem quickly over the phone or by E-mail.

If your system requires a visit to your boat we will set up a convenient time and date to meet you there. We never require that you remove your system and bring it to us. Our main phone line to Halden Marine Service (954) 514-7441 is monitored 24 hours a day seven days a week all year long. We understand that many of our customers cruise off to all parts of the world and different time zones which may mean late night calls to Halden Marine Service. We encourage you to take advantage of this service.

We pride ourselves on offering only the best quality products from trusted brands and with a strong factory backing and a growing list of qualified dealers and technicians within our distributorship, you can be assured of quick and reliable service. Our main phone line to Halden Marine Service (954) 514-7441 is monitored 24 hours a day seven days a week, all year long!
our services & products
RainMan Watermakers
Rainman Watermakers are a compact system designed to generate a fresh potable water supply from seawater. They can be installed in a minimum footprint configuration or kept portable for maximum flexibility.
Spectra Watermakers
The world's most energy efficient and quietest watermakers built in the world. When amp hours are paramount, there really is no other choice.
The Spartan Bio-Guard
If your Air Condition's 24/7 cooling system is constantly clogging with barnacles, shells, etc. The Spartan Bio-Guard will stop the growth of these nuisance animals. Placed between the intake thru hull and the sea strainer, this is an easy installation with no power required for the Bio-Guard to operate
The SuperWind350 is by far the wind generator that sets the standards for high end quality and build. If you require the best and demand quality build, you will find no other wind generator comes close.
Product Installation
We offer complete installation of all our products. We are always available for the DIY installation as well, with any advice and guidance you may need.
Service, Parts and Repairs
We are here for all your needs with parts, service and very importantly, advice
WHY choose us

Service is a word that is often quoted but not often backed up. We have built our business one customer at a time and will continue to do so. We understand that deciding on and installing a boat based system can be a time consuming process and can often take months before an actual purchase and installation is complete. So…

Call us “Before” you purchase a system and we will gladly take all the time you need to help you understand the system first and to make sure it is the right fit for you. No pressure and no obligation.
Call us “During” the installation process. We will gladly answer and explain any questions you have about the installation of your system.
Call us “After” your system is installed and you are out cruising the world. Our phone is always on and monitored 24 hours a day all year long.

Quick Response Times
We know you that sometimes you can’t wait to get back in th water and we share the same passion and we will always try to get your boat service done professionally and on time.
We have many years of experience in the marine boat service and our technicians are well trained, certified and cordial. We value your business and we want to make sure your’re happy when you leave.
Customer Service
We have an outstanding customer service program designed to make sure we understand the customer needs and work towards accomplishing the job with professionalism and cordiality.
If you’re looking for trusted marine boat service company we’re at Your service, providing parts and services.
24/7 Phone Monitoring

You can leave a message on our 24/7 phone service and we will contact you ASAP


We always stand by our work. We warranty our work along with the factories product warranties.

24/7 Phone Monitoring
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What areas do you cover?

Our distributor network for Spectra watermakers is the Florida east coast through the Bahama’s. Our distributor network for AMI watermakers and Superwind is the state of Florida. With a network of official dealers throughout Florida we can provide you the service you may need direct to your boat. We will also arrange to have parts shipped to you anywhere in the world your cruise may take you.

Do I need a watermaker on my boat?

This of course is the first important question asked and the answer will vary greatly depending on the style of cruising you are going to do. In today’s modern world of cruising, whether you are cruising in a sailboat or in a power boat, watermakers are found everywhere. This is because more and more cruisers are discovering the freedom that comes with being able to make your own fresh water. You do not have to plan your cruise around finding water. If you find that special anchorage you can stay. You can have those extra showers. You don’t have to overly worry about conserving your water as used to be the case, and you don’t have to worry about the questionable quality of water that can be taken on from some remote areas. Cruising should be a fun activity and the ability to have all the water needed adds a great deal to the fun and comfort to the cruising lifestyle. Whether you are only cruising for a few weeks out of the year or you are a serious circumnavigator or somewhere in between, we have a watermaker that will fit your needs and your boats capabilities.

How big of a watermaker should I consider?

We at Halden Marine Service understand the need to find the proper balance in sizing a particular watermaker to fit each cruisers need. It is certainly possible to undersize a watermaker as it is to oversize a watermaker. We take the time well before any sale occurs to inform and educate the customer as to the many different sizes of watermakers available that will work the best for them and their boats particular needs and capabilities. Just because a friend has a watermaker that they are happy with does not mean that it is right for you. Let us help you work through the many questions you have and some you may have not have even thought to ask before you make your decision.

Can I drink the water the watermaker produces?

Yes. The water made is extremely good water and usually better than the bottled water you buy in the store.

Other than drinking water what other benefits can I expect with having a watermaker on-board?

This is a great question because many people think only of drinking water and showers when considering a watermaker. But there are many more benefits to having a watermaker on-board. Todays modern cruisers, from sailors to power boaters, have very expensive equipment on the decks. Sails, sheets, blocks, lines, wenches, anchors, the deck itself, etc, . If this equipment can get a fresh water wash down two to three times a week you might expect that this can extend the life expectancy of this equipment. Even if you extend the life expectancy of this equipment 20%-30% this alone can pay for the watermaker several times over.  Many of us take diving equipment or expensive fishing rods and reels, the list can get lengthy but all benefit from fresh water rinsing.


Where i can find benefits icons?

There are separate folder in your theme download package with all png icons used on our demo. You can also find plenty of other free icons here: www.iconmonstr.com

How noisy are watermakers?

This is another great quetion that is mostly overlooked, or avoided by most manufacturers.Most watermakers are very noisy becuase of the type of high pressure pump abd drive used. Do not underestimate this very important point. Nothing is more annoying during sundowners and in quiet anchorages than running a screaming watermaker for hours in the background. Our systems are teh quietest watermakers made. Even under a bunk with a mattress down the will emit a very imperceptible noise. Even with a large Spectra Watermaker running two feet away and two people can have a normal conversation in normal tones. Not so with many of the budget watermakers.

Do I have to manually operate a watermaker?

There are manually operated watermakers and fully automatic watermakers. Many people who live on smaller crusing boats will opt for a manual unit because they will be there often enough to operate the fresh water flushing all watermakers need. For cruisers that want a bit more freedom from their watermaker. A fully automated system that flushes itself on a regular weekly  schedule makes sense. A simple to operate control panel can be mounted in a desired area such as the helm or galley area making it very convenient to operate their system remotely. We also now offer the Z-ION system and only require your system to be flushed every 30 days instead of weekly.

Can I install the watermaker myself or do I need to hire a professional?

Water makers can be installed by the boat owner if they feel comfortable working with their hands and some basic tools. Installing a watermaker is not difficult but can be very time consuming. Deciding where to install the watermaker, where to place the components, and any shelving or brackets that might need to be fabricated can take some time, thought, and planning to do a good install.  Halden Marine Service can help you decide if this is a good idea for you. Whether you decide to self install a watermaker or have us do it for you we are  always available for advice and suggestions to help ensure a proper install. If you are not comfortable with marine electricity it is a very good idea to either have us do the electrical work or have your own qualified Marine electrician do the electrical work.

What is included with the watermaker when I buy it?

We sell Spectra and Blue Water watermakers. These watermakers will come with everything needed to install them except the intake thru hull, the brine discharge thru hull, and the electrical feed to the watermaker. Though we do have some components that can be optionally added to your system, we sell complete units. We do not sell you a watermaker first and then tell you that fresh water flush systems, membranes, remote control panels, are both needed and are extra. These are always standard inclusions to a Spectra and Blue Water watermaker.

Can I operate my watermaker remotely?

Yes, a fully automated system can be operated remotely. Spectra’s new Connect system control panel will not only let you fully operate it remotely it will also tell you what is going on with the system such as the salinity, the condition of the pre-filters and when they need changing how much water is being made etc. Spectra’s Connect control system can also be operated fromyour smart phone, Ipad, etc. Blue Water watermakers also have the capabilities to operate and monitor the system remotely as well. These are very nice features as many times watermakers are installed in areas that are not always convenient to access.

What spares do I need?

Filters which are the consumable part of any watermaker of course, but what spares you might need after that will depend a lot upon your cruising plans and intentions. A weekend cruiser is not going to need the spares that a circumnavigator is going to need. We feel that this is just another area where our service to you is very important. We will take the time needed to assure that you are outfitted with the right spares needed to match the type of cruising you intend.

What voltage options are there available to power a watermaker

We can provide watermakers that operate with 12 volts, 24 volts. 120 volts, 220 volts, 240volts, 50-60hertz. Many people are not comfortable with electricity. We will be very involved with the electrical side of your installation whether you install a system yourself or you hire your own Marine electrician to install the electrical feed. This of course is an area that we allow no short cuts.

Can I operate my watermaker in a marina or harbor?

Yes you can, but we recommend you do not. Marinas usually have a water source to fill your tanks. The water surrounding marinas and harbors are usually of questionable water quality. Though the membrane will filter any contaminants that may be present, these contaminants will still pass through the rest of the system and most will be trapped in the pre-filters. Where you may only need to change your pre-filters once a month off shore you can expect to change your pre-filters within hours in some marinas and harbors. Though conditions will dictate, we ideally believe watermakers are offshore equipment.

What support can I expect from Halden Marine Service after I sail away with my watermaker installed?

We will not just sell you a watermaker and move on to the next sale. Our customers are used to keeping in touch with us throughout their cruising years with any questions that may arise. We are committed to the after sales service. Repeat customer business is our business. Though we take every customer through a very thorough commissioning of their watermaker  before they leave, we realize that like many systems on your boat there will be questions as to maintenance, operation, and service, after you leave on your cruise. Our hours are normally 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. We monitor our E-Mails everyday and our answering service will pick up 24/7. We also place a prime importance on preferred factory assistance to our customers as well. If for some reason you cannot contact us, our easy direct factory assistance is always available during normal business hours.

S/V Simpatico, Leopard 39

I am the owner of a Spectra Watermaker which was installed by Halden Marine Service. Since the installation, J.T. has always been available to answer questions and troubleshoots any issues. I have owned sailboats for over 30 years and the service from Halden Marine Service is second to none.

S/V Counts Quarters
International Customer

In 2010 we bought from Halden Marine a Spectra Ventura 200 Tropical MPC water maker and decided to install it ourselves, J.T. was only a phone call away. We did split the system up to enable it to fit under our seating area. On completion J.T. came to inspect and was amazed how we had been able to fit the parts in, after a few tweaks we were having fresh water! Mostly we cruise the outer remote islands of The Bahamas, what a joy to have no water worries, fresh drinking water and that occasional shower! We highly recommend Halden Marine, J.T. always insists he is only a phone call or email away if we ever need any help and he actually, is although we have had no problems since day one!

Cruises's Net

We do not know of anyone who can beat JT in service. The Spectra watermaker is great and his service is first class! He always answers his emails and phone. I’m sure some of my questions makes him shake his head but there has never been a time when we weren’t 100% satisfied!! Go Halden Marine Service!

International Customer

I also want to give a special thanks to J.T. Halden at Halden Marine Services (954) 514-7441, who is a Spectra rep in Florida. He answered a question I posted on the cruisers forum website, and while being on the opposite side of the country, has spent a good amount of time answering questions and just being really helpful getting this installed. He even offered to take a look at the unit in florida before I bought it! So if you happen to be in that neck of the woods, I cannot recommend him highly enough! s/v Piko

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