Newport 400c Compact

Newport 400c Compact

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The Newport 400c Compact operates on as little as 15 watts per gallon (4 watts per liter), making it possible to run your system on a small generator, solar, wind, batteries. Multi-speed capacity allows machine operation on high mode for maximum product flow or low mode for maximum efficiency, making it ideal for onboard power management. The system will automatically switch to low mode to extend the prefilter life in challenging feed water. The Spectra Connect allows you to operate and monitor your watermaker from a remote device, and has new added features like the Fill Tank mode, or a customizable Auto Run mode, One-Touch Sensor Calibration, and suggested maintenance intervals displayed on the dashboard. Two 20” membranes are utilized in the 400c Compact model for maximum space efficiency.

Newport 400c Compact Fact Sheet - Updated

Newport 400c 1.29.19



  •  17 g (64 l) every hour
  •  400 gal (1514 l) a day
  •  110 lbs (49.90 kg)
  •  12v DC 24A / 24v DC 12A
    18 Watts/1 gal 4.8 Watts/1 liter

Quick Facts

  • High and low speed operation for customizable power management and output volume
  • Low power consumption can be run on batteries solar or wind power
  • Whisper quiet
  • Commercial grade diaphragm pumps with run dry protection
  • System includes installation kit and product sample valve
  • Z±ION Compatible
  • Completely automated with the Spectra Connect Controller


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