Ventura 150c

Ventura 150c

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The Spectra Ventura series is engineered for the smaller vessel to be energy-efficient and lightweight. These watermakers are composed of compact modules, making for easy installation in confined spaces. The Ventura 150c operates anywhere in the world and delivers over 6 gallons (24 liters) of fresh drinking water an hour. The Ventura 150c features the new Spectra Connect controller, which allows you to operate and monitor your watermaker from a remote device. Spectra Connect also has new added features like the Fill Tank mode, or a customizable Auto Run mode, One-TouchSensor Calibration, and suggested maintenance intervals displayed on the dashboard. Add the Z±ION Membrane Protection System to extend service life on membranes and filters without the use of aggressive chemicals.

Ventura 150c Specifications

Ventura 150 - 200T Connect 02.2019



  •  6.3 gal (24 l) per hour
  •  150 gal (568 l) per day
  •  85 lbs (38.56 kg)
  •  12v DC 9A / 24v DC 4.5A
    17 Watts/1 gal 4.5 Watts/1 liter

Quick Facts

  • Low power consumption can be run on batteries solar or wind power Whisper quiet
  • Commercial grade diaphragm pumps with run dry protection
  • System includes installation kit handheld water quality tester and product sample valve
  • Z±ION Compatible
  • Designed to operate efficiently from the Arctic to the Equator
  • Completely automated with the Spectra Connect Controller


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